1. (dōsənt) noun A person who acts as a guide in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

The question, “why do you call yourself the “ecodocent” is not uncommon.  My mission and passion is to serve as a guide for any exploration into the natural world.  A guide is neither a teacher, preacher nor instructor.  Central to a guide’s role is facilitating an individual having their own experience.

A docent serves to create the mental scaffolding from which one can then form their own ideas and relationship with a given object.  A degree of interpretation can be present, but it works best when the docent provides enough content to enable the patron’s curiosity on the topic/object to emerge and continue of its own accord.

These narratives are more for the purpose of giving listeners ideas “to think about” rather than proclaiming what to think.  It facilitates high-level introductions to Mother Nature, and then letting you both take it from there.