Audio Nature Tours

Connecting with place
Showing your commitment to your environment
Realizing the true value of a location
Audio nature tours that enhance community ecology


Ecodocent produces engaging environmentally-based audio content for natural spaces, from rural to urban settings.

Ecodocent helps people discover:

  • what is going on in their natural environment
  • how individual aspects of nature relate to the whole
  • why reflecting on this connection enriches quality of life

Ecodocent develops and delivers conversational, narrative frames of reference based on:

  • natural history
  • ecology
  • story and traditions
  • poetics
  • advents in sustainable living

Through this induction awaits a journey that re-assesses why a given place has worth.

This service provides a lens to perceive local ecosystems from new angles.  Nature’s stories of survival, adaptation, misfortune and renewal are all around us, with striking parallels to our own lives.  Yet it is rarely brought into focus.  Nature ultimately teaches itself, and Ecodocent brings people of all walks of life to that place where the understanding and experience meet.